Chapter Three

- Excelon

It’s another normal day on the planet Excelon with the usual extremely high clouds of a bluish-white whipped frosting that almost never falls to the ground. Every day, the sun appears through a glorious rainbow of colors that never fades because the planet revolves on its axis only once per year. And so the day side of the planet is always pointed at their sun, and lasts the entire year long, and the night-side of the planet is always pointed away and is constantly dark and cold and thereby almost completely uninhabited.

Jin-Jin 2309 is one of the elder statesmen of his planetary government. Jin-Jin made the decision long ago to leave his body, a life-form that is somewhere between what a jellyfish and a hawk would look like on our planet. It’s so long ago these events are only the faintest of memories. For most Excelonians similar to the way most humans have for the day of their birth, they remember practically nothing. Yet, they never lose the awareness of their more humble beginnings as creatures of flesh and blood and the magical, mystical code of the DNA molecule that forms the basis of us all, everywhere, even here.

Being creatures that have escaped all of the limitations of flesh and blood, the Excelonians have evolved to a state of Consciousness where they are limited only by the edges of their imaginations, which are substantial by now, and in all probability the most advanced in the known universe. They utilize computational techniques that are completely unknown to us here on Earth, but which allow them to think in cycles that rival the frequencies of all colors of light that we know and love, but also what are called ‘ultra-colorful’ light waves given off by subatomic particles that are as yet completely undiscovered by our Science on Earth.

By utilizing this type of particle-physics that I am not able to describe at this time, because they have yet to explain the most advanced Scientific truths to me, the Excelonians are able to venture in and out of what we would call opposite universes. In reality, I believe they are simply more ‘colorful’ representations of the universe we know and love. I’m sorry to say that this is as far as my own brain waves can take me in grokking this, and thereby explaining it all to you at this time.

In recommending to me that I start pushing the limits of my brain wave activity to the frequency beyond even 100 Hz or ‘High-Gamma’ wave production, the Excelonians are hoping to put me, and later all human beings into a hyper-evolved state as fast as we might be able to achieve it. The responsibility of this moment is a great one for me and I don’t take it lightly. I take every chance to practice my new found musical lessons. It’s not easy, but I take my duties seriously, but I am not able to produce nearly as much music as they would like me to.

I’m cognizant of all the potential problems as well, but I don’t see any harm in that attempt. I reason that the worst thing that could happen is that we don’t cotton to this idea very well as a society and it backfires somehow, but I cannot for the life of me, determine how we could actually go backwards faster than we are already going backwards today and therefore, I assess the risk of going into this challenge fully and as forthrightly as I can, at less than zero for me, or for anyone else. In the end, it’s just a matter of artistic expression that is involved, a new kind of human creativity. No more, no less.
Having prepared myself for the last several days, I find myself completely alone in the tank, with no scheduled events on my calendar by Dr. Fielding, Lucy or anyone else.

So, at approximately 8:01 AM. December 21st of this year, just after Lucy and I had made our major breakthrough, I decided to take up the Excelonians challenge and made my first serious attempt to push my brain waves above the regular limitations of 38 to 40 cycles per second or Hz (Hertz), and even beyond what only the yogis had achieved.

I need you to remember that brain waves are amongst the slowest types of waves that are known with ocean waves being the only slower waves that come to mind. Light waves travel about the universe in the hundreds of trillions of cycles per second or TerraHertz. Your microwave oven in the kitchen uses tiny little electron waves in the millions of cycles per second or Megahertz (MHz).

Television waves, and Internet bandwidth, something we utilize every day goes around the cables and Wi-Fi broadcasting of our world at about the same speed as microwaves or in the Megahertz range of repetitions. Radio waves are unique in that they can be reporting the news on our local radio channels at a few thousand cycles per second, or Khz or reporting to us about star creation, galaxy formation or Black Hole destruction and can be as high as a few hundred billion cycles per second or Gigahertz.
Gravity waves, as we have learned only recently, can be as low a frequency as brain waves, and then go much higher. Indeed, in the first actual capture of Gravity waves, the experiment we know as ‘LIGO (the Laser Interferometer Gravity Wave Observatory) in 2015, we discovered a Gravity wave pattern, that when converted to sound waves, resembled someone actually whistling at us from 1.3 billion miles away. This is a major influence on my new theory of the forces of the universe as I have stated and which you will soon see is the most significant discovery of our era.

With all of this information floating around in the back of my mind, I decided to simply let everything go. I would attempt to completely clear my mind as the yogis had taught us, bring my thoughts to an absolute zero. I would try to limit the amount of electrical energy that I reasoned could interfere with the concerted attempt to have all of my brain cells firing at the same rate.

I would not prejudge what might arise from all of this. There had been a thought that I could die in the attempt, but even this thought was shoved aside and I was happy at first that I had achieved this little milestone. Then, I was aware that I would have to wipe away even this bit of residual happiness to achieve my goal.

At approximately 10:33 AM. of the same day, when I was finally able to bring my mind to an almost complete and total stop, I perceived a heightened sense of awareness. It was like breaking through the barriers of one’s physical existence. In essence, I was being mentored and coached along by the Excelonians and the only reason I knew this is because the clouds that I had just surmounted were the light-blue clouds of the planet Excelon in the Andromeda Galaxy.

My brain waves had actually transported my living Consciousness there within seconds and I had no desire to go back to my little holding tank somewhere near a place called San Diego, California. This feeling of accomplishment and achievement is not something I can describe to you, but I can say that it was a feeling like no other in the long history of our species because, here in this place and time, I believe that I had become a symbiotic organism in the deepest sense of friendship and cooperation with a completely different and highly advanced species.

How would you feel under circumstances such as these?

One of Dr. Fielding’s assistants, Dr. Tony Sofrisco enters my holding tank with the intention of calibrating some of the sensors. They informed me weeks ago that they want to hold a conference here in my room and demonstrate some of their latest accomplishments in the realm of Cognitive Science, with me as their most willing participant.

When he looks at the gates of the electro-encephalograph, the EEG, to take his measurements, he sees my brain wave activity at 150 Hz, something never seen before in any human brain.

I don’t detect anything at the physical location of my brain because I’m so far away, literally 2.5 million light years distant and so my attention is simply not there in San Diego at the moment.

Dr. Sofrisco drops his clip-board, uses his communications device to take a picture of my brain wave monitor still exhibiting these incredible high energy waves rushing past. He quickly dashes out of the room while punching the keyboard furiously that will alert Dr. Fielding to the situation.

When Dr. Frocisco gets to the office at the end of the long hallway, he shouts for a ‘Code Red’, which we’ve all practiced together several times. It’s a medical alert that means the same thing as ‘All hands on deck’ does to the Navy. Everyone is now on notice that there’s some kind of emergency in my holding tank. Everyone must drop whatever they’re doing, stand by, take charge, randomly interact with each other amidst all of that chaotic manner that happens during such times in order to learn the nature of the emergency and what to do next.

Designed to prevent a panic, the first ‘Code Red’ in my case, instead actually causes one.
This type of event is not described in any of their manuals. No one, including Dr. Fielding knows what to do. No attempt to communicate with me is working, because unbeknown to them, I’m simply not in the room. So, after much discussion, hand-wringing and arm-twisting, the team decides to wait and see what happens next. It’s not like I’ve flat-lined. In fact, it’s just the opposite. I’m alive like no other human being has ever been alive before. My brain is pumping out a pattern of wave energy that has to mean something, but they have no clue what that may be.

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