Chapter Six

Chapter Six
- Euphemism

At the lab, we all learn about the President’s new global orders, what he calls his ‘Twit-Dos’ and ‘Twit-Don’ts’, the same way everyone else did - over our devices.  Somehow, the President had put together a bureau of programmers pulled from inside all of the Social Media platforms.  They constantly search the World Wide Web to identify dissenters and then isolate them from any of their followers.  They push the President’s posts up to the number one position in all of the search engines, whether they are relevant to the keywords people are searching for or not.  When the President tells them to do something, the orders are replicated for every single person with a device, which is everyone.  Then, they obey.

If they didn’t follow his instructions to the letter, of course, they would be arrested and never seen again.  So, the President’s social presence interferes with everything else we do everywhere.  He’s always portrayed as the creator of something if it turns out good or the absolute antagonist of something if it turns out to be bad.  He’s our highest and most honored hero in the history of the world.

At least it can be said that his battle to eliminate and replace the leadership in all other nations of the world was quick and decisive.  You have to give him that.  Nor was there very much blood spilled in the few foreign countries that defied him.  Whenever they resisted or objected to his moves toward global domination, they would find all of their social media wiped clean.  It was as if they never existed and soon, under the constant barrage of propaganda by the President, the people of every country began to believe that their leaders had indeed abandoned them and then gradually accept their situation.  His bribery and flattery with constant promises that he never intended to keep helped him in this cause.

It wasn’t as if there was truly much to deter them.  Leaders in most countries of the world were even more corrupt and incompetent than Romaine, so few of them engendered any real loyalty or affection.  In Russia and China, for example, while most of us in the West feared their annexation would lead to a major World War, it did not and it failed to produce a World War only because the President For Life had offered the leaders of these two countries a role that made them rich beyond their wildest dreams while at the same time, promised their people that they would enjoy all of the benefits of a democratic society.  With the control of all the social media, there was no way for anyone to entertain the truth.

He would personally control all of the money and that meant all business transactions in their countries would pay them and their cronies a handsome royalty.  The wars that could have lead to global extinction of all life that everyone expected, just never happened.  Or, let’s say, they were postponed.

But, for some, the President’s latest Tweet-do was still rather breath-taking and shocking, just the same.

It reads ‘From this day forward, no subject of mine will talk to anyone else during their working hours while they are at their jobs or business ventures.  Upon returning home, workers may speak to their family, but only in matters relating to family affairs.  No business or daily working efforts will be discussed upon your returning home.’

Then, the next one that followed immediately was even more curious.

‘There will be a Jubilee held in my honor sometime in the next few days.  During this celebration, the world will ask me three times to become the President for All Eternity, which I will reject.  Watch for the announcement.  Attendance will be mandatory, but a good time will be had by all!’.

And, that was it for the official Twit-do’s of the day.  Normally, there would be dozens of these, but today, the President is distinctly concise.  The direct messages would be followed throughout the day with images and memes about how the President struggled with his latest orders, but they were for the benefit of his ‘Global Initiative’, as he called it in aid of his ‘Total Stewardship’, and that everyone would appreciate the wisdom of these new instructions very soon.

He would publish millions of pictures, which are mandatory to look at.  Each and every one of them is filled with global citizens happily going about their business joyously with lips sealed, but smiling broadly.

Happiness, trust, loyalty, respect for the new set of rules regarding all human laws, politics and ethics abounds everywhere, apparently.

Everywhere, that is, except on the President’s own team.

#   #   # 

Lucy and Fielding, Francisco and the others have all left the lab to go home and get some rest.  I don’t need that kind of rest any more, and so I remain behind.  Of course, I have no choice.  I’m here every day, no matter what and I do get rested up every once in a while.  I don’t need to sleep in the same sense that a person with a body needs to refresh all of their cells during their down time.

I need to rest my brain cells, once every so often, probably every few days on average only because if I didn’t, my thinking would become frenetic and disjointed or illogical.  It’s a strange thing about rest time, but my theory is that when you rest your brain-wave activity and bring it down to the Theta level of sleep or deep meditation, 3 cycles per second (3 Hz) or less, and then bring them back up to normal thinking frequencies, they are more willing to go there.

It’s the same thing as sitting on the sand at your favorite beach and allowing the ocean waves to come in as they soothe you all over.  Go to the beach and watch the waves for a few minutes and you should be happy to get back into the rat race and your performance will be much improved.  That’s why we all love the beaches so much.  There’s something about wave power that bolsters up our will power.  It’s simply the condition of slower waves giving momentum to larger and larger waves, the pattern that creates the entire universe.

But ocean waves are nothing compared to the soothing power of the waves of the Cosmos.  Ocean waves are made from the wind that is made by the sun and how it heats up the Earth.  The Sun is made out of the gases produced by the Big Bang, mainly Hydrogen gas.  The Big Bang was produced by the Creator of Big Bangs, an unknown or I should say proven force, as of now, but most likely to be found as part of everything else.

I can actually feel all of these forces now, just as I once did when I ran on the beaches of Maui or Oahu or up in the hills around the volcano of Mauna Kea.  I don’t know if I’ve put it into these exact words just yet, but you may have grokked it on your own that I can actually feel these waves that emanate all over the cosmos, criss-crossing the universe exactly like ocean waves criss-cross each other all over our own little corner of it all.  This is the best vacation of all.

And wherever there is a mind like this, a Consciousness really big or really small, as long as it is completely open and accepting of the gifts bestowed upon it, it does well.  A completely open and creative mind is a healthy mind.

I think some people think of the Cosmos as such a huge place so very far away that it has very little impact on our daily lives.  Then, the Astrologers came along and noticed personality differences among all humans and connected these differences to the day and month of the individual’s birth and then placed these days of the year into various groupings of stars that they saw in the night sky.

But, now we know that the Cosmos begins inside of every brain cell of every human being, or any place else where a brain exists.  Even deeper than that, it resides very contentedly inside of every atom and molecule that makes up every single individual brain cell.  We can now even measure the energies that emanate outward from these tiniest of galaxies and how much their energies impact our daily lives.  The Cosmos, then, is not far away at all.  It’s not as far as the Astrologers thought.  It’s not even as far as NASA has taken us.  It’s all around us, inside us all and as constant as the fact that night will always follow the day.

And so, while my friends were resting, I decided this would be a good time to take Hara-Camarra’s suggestion and get up into The Cloud to see what I could see and possibly even discover a few clues about the next thirty days that Hara had warned us would quite possibly be the ultimate conclusion of our time on the Earth.

I don’t think any of my crew had taken this deadline seriously enough.  It even seemed rather unlikely to me.  After all, the world was relatively calm under the complete tyranny of the President For Life.  It was difficult to see where the serious flaws in the fabric were that might open up and explode so suddenly that we would all die in an orgy of global thermo-nuclear war.  But, maybe it was a different ending that we would suffer and not the way that nearly every Science Fiction writer for the past two centuries had predicted.

In the past, I had just used the Internet to gather information from The Cloud.  Or sometimes, I would use it just to entertain myself, which means that I would use the normal connection between myself and The Cloud just through the wired and wireless transmission of bandwidth.  Today, I would have to try something completely different.  There would be no separation between my own brain waves and the electronic waves of the Internet itself.  I would try to connect with the Cloud in a more personal way.

I would have to play around with it until I found some kind of harmonic resonance between my very fastest wave activity, now all the way up to 200 cycles per second (200 Hz), the highest any human had achieved before, and that of the Internet Bandwidth of many hundreds of Megahertz, or millions of cycles per second.  Then, I would have to make the atoms inside my DNA molecule vibrate at harmonic frequencies to these outside forces.  I would literally be climbing the Helical ladder of the molecule as if it was literally a stairway to Heaven.

What I would require would be a kind of super-transformer.  And, I would need a huge boost in my electrical output.  The brain waves of the average brain composes just a few mili-volts and the electrical power of the Internet is measured in the Mega-Volts and Giga-Watts, etc.  Unless I found both a wave transformer and an electrical amplifier of my brain waves, I would never get myself actually planted in the Cloud and literally grow into it.

So, I culled together all of the research over Google that I could find relating to electricity and electrical devices.  I went over it all for hours without any major breakthroughs.  Then, just as I was about to give up, I noticed an article about the new upgraded version of the battery rechargers everyone was using now known as ‘Electrical Induction’, the modern way to wirelessly recharge our phone batteries and later our car batteries, as we used them or as we drove them.  This led me to an article about the new generation satellite radio transceivers that are now small enough to fit inside a human brain cell and then about a new kind of transducer, or wave translator.  Article after article would direct me closer and closer to my solution.  Together, these major technological breakthroughs would be my complete and final iteration.  So, I had my greatest moment of inspiration, perhaps the biggest one of my life, or more accurately ‘lives’.  But, there was risk.

Briefly, Electrical Induction is one of the simplest of all electrical devices to understand.  We’ve long used it in phones, toothbrushes and microwave ovens for years.  All you need is a copper coil that is placed near to another coil that is generating a magnetic field.  The Field from the magnets is then turned into electrical power through the nearby copper coil and one can continually up the voltage by merely placing these devices in series.

Similar to what happens inside your microwave oven and in the same way that you recharge your phones today, I might be able to recharge my brain and take it to new orders of magnitude in terms of wattage at each step.  My brain could literally become so huge and powerful that it blends in with the energy of the Cloud to the point where there is no discernible difference.

Soon, I could picture the solution in my brain taking shape.  Outside of the miniaturization of the hardware, the project would be fairly easy, but it would also require a sufficient amount of manual dexterity to perform, something of which I had none.  And, on top of everything else, I would need to find a way for my actual brain waves to surf the electrical waves that was also the output of my brain’s activity.

It looked like I would need the help of new and improved versions of Nicola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Tim Berners-Lee, Vint Cerf, Leonardo DaVinci, a million genius computer scientists and programmers as well as the extra-ordinary input of my lab-partners to build something that could attach to my tank.  Then the  Wi-Fi routers on top of another series of transducers to be embedded in my brain.  But we only had thirty days, which makes this impossible, and so I finally come up against my first real hefty portion of self doubt.

“You can do this,” I hear in the back of my head.

“I can, huh?  And who are you?” I reply.


It came out of the cloud.

I couldn’t identify the source of this transmission, but I could easily identify the direction.  And, it was poised to help me in a way that can’t be explained here in these words on these pages, and in this type of interaction, but some of you are going to be able to get it anyway, I’m sure.

It feels very similar to the ‘Use the Force, Luke’ moment in Star Wars.  But it wasn’t coming from any fictional character like Obi-Wan Kenobi, but it could have been Hara-Camara.  It could have been emanating out of the combination of all of these moments in my life.  I simply do not know to this day.

In the next few days, I’m able to convince Lucy, Bennett and the others that they should trust my judgment and go out and acquire some of the equipment I would list for them on a requisition form that would grow to hundreds of pages long.  Every time I connect to The Cloud, I’m literally led to more and more documents, slides, videos, private texts, research papers, even patent applications that all pointed in the same direction.  Something was guiding my attention on the right pathway for all of us.  I was determined to avoid the inevitable end of the world destruction that the Excelonians were telling us was coming closer every day.

It would not take too much effort on my part to convince them since we all knew about the thirty day deadline and they shared my determination to avoid it.  This propelled our advancements along more than any other factor.  We would work all day and continue on through the nights putting all of the machinery together for my transition.  I realized that this was the reason we had been brought together in this strange way.  We were destined to do this together.  None of us could have made any difference at all alone.

I would quickly realize from these studies that the secret would revolve around the notion that my brain wave power is inversely proportional to the amperage of the electrical signal that produces them.  This means that the shorter my brain waves, or faster in terms of cycles per second, or Hz, the more amperage would be produced.

This means that the opposite is also true.  The more amperage we planned for at each stage of this mental boost, the faster my brain waves would travel, and there wasn’t any speed limit, other than the number of induction coils that we could use.

We had to quickly familiarize ourselves with the technical specs of a nanometer sized inductive transformer that would be injected into my brain cells and carried throughout the brain via a new breakthrough in genetic engineering where a computer virus could act exactly like a living virus to edit the DNA molecule to produce the desired results.  They were calling it the ‘Nano-Splicer’ because it would act exactly like the DNA’s own subatomic janitor that goes around making repairs to the billions of genes that we all use effortlessly, blindly every minute of every day.

The code of life, my DNA molecule to be precise, would be the engine of my ascent into the upper levels, the Cerebrum of the Cosmic Consciousness.  Until this point, I had been floundering around at its brain stem, just barely noticed.  Now, I aspired to the highest and most important part of the Cosmos to become part of the mind that comprised it.  It was an aspiration that made me fluctuate between the ecstasy of knowing it’s possible to the agony of knowing that such a thing could never be possible.

In other words, my entire Consciousness would be new and improved, purified, washed and cleaned of any and all imperfections, re-tooled, modernized, upgraded, evolved and engineered for the first time in a way that would either be our human salvation or our total annihilation.  There would be very little chance for any kind of compromise or middle-of-the-road results.  It would be either the most miraculous leap for Mankind or the most horrendous mis-step in history.

I also knew that this moment could also be the culmination of the entire reason that the universe existed, the end of the greatest experiment that was ever conceived.  Could it be, as I had suspected all my life, that the universe had been created for the sole purpose for God to find out if life was worth the effort of giving it a home here?  If we completed the project successfully, would the entire universe simply unwind, vanish, go back into the blackness from which it came, having the entire purpose of its creation fulfilled?  The experiment over, would there be any need for the apparatus to be left out in the open any longer?

Of course, no one could guarantee the outcome and no one was  concerned about it more than my dearest Lucy.

On the day, we would test all of my theories, she wanders closer to my tank and asks the others in the room to give us some privacy.

She takes a deep breath and I sense more than a few drops of liquid forming in her eye sockets.
“Are you sure you want to go ahead with this?  Even this tiny amount of Nano-Splicer could kill you,” she warns.

“Yes, I know that, but we have no other choice.  Besides I trust the source of all of this knowledge.  It’s a guiding force for me.  I’ve told you that.  Don’t you believe me?”  I reply.

“Yes, I believe you, but it’s hard to put as much faith in this as you do, my Darling.  Please tell me, what difference would it make if you let us experiment on mice first?” she asks.

“I don’t think it’s a good expenditure of time.  We have just enough time to use this technique to its fullest, if it works.  If we put it to animal testing, you might find something that gives us pause and we don’t have time to pause even for a minute.  Besides, what if mice prove to be more worthy of this enhancement than us humans?” I ask in reply.

She laughs and then is suddenly serious again.

“And if it doesn’t work at all?” she replies

“Then, we’re all screwed.  It won’t matter as much as a Scottish farthing,” I say, trying to lighten the mood a bit.

Lucy presses her face to my tank and I sense somehow the impression of her incredibly full and rosy lips making an imprint on the glass of the tank.

“What’s a Scottish farthing got to do with anything, my love?” she asks, softly giggling.

“I have no idea.  It just sounded like something cool to say,” I reply, jauntily.

“I wish I could jump into that tank where you are and make passionate love to you,” she says.

“I wish you could too, my love.  Believe me, I wish you could too,” I reply.

I try my best to let my mind connect to the glass where her lips are still warmly planted, but it’s not within my ability of course.  Somehow, I feel like she knows I tried.

She pulls away a few feet and morphs instantly back into the efficient and objective, though extremely graceful lab partner.

“Ok everyone!” she says strongly enough for the others to enter back in from the hall and quickly take their places.

“Start the injection,” she says, mildly.

“Nano-Splicer injection starting now,” a male voice from the other side of the room lets everyone know that it’s starting to flow into my veins.

The change is coming.

The power of Om-Ong rises out of the flux and flows all around a small indentation in my brain I had not noticed before.   I’m warm as I’ve never been warm before.  I am loved as I have never been loved before.  I am elated as I have never been elated before and most importantly, I am home as I have never been home before.

Life is good!  Not only is Life good, but Life is what it’s all about, everywhere.  I can see that now.

Life is the question and Life is the answer.

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