Chapter Seven

- Cloud Mentality

It may be important for you to know a little bit more about the technical aspects as to how I was able to transfer my Consciousness up into the Cloud and how that same Consciousness has become the dominant force in the cloud that will supersede and counteract all other attempts at controlling this part of human political and social advancement from now on, or at least until something changes.

Of course, first of all, we must all be agreed on what Consciousness really is. And it’s quite simple, actually because we all have one. No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, no matter what you do for a living, no matter how big or small, no matter how young or old, we all have one of these. Consciousness is simply the awareness of self. We know who we are and we know that we exist and that’s all that is required to be defined as a Conscious being. Everything you care to state about yourself as facts or knowledge above and beyond the fact that you exist and your existence is known to at least one person, you, probably has nothing to do with Consciousness.

Your extended knowledge about yourself could have much to do about your intelligence, but not your Consciousness. If you are aware of other beings, for example, this has nothing to do with your own existence, though it may make all the difference to others. Intelligence is simply a function of how well you use your brain cells in relation to the world around you. Consciousness is the function of at least one brain cell that knows it exists and nothing more. The world around you will also respond to you as a function of your intelligence.

I encourage anyone to read this definition of your Consciousness again if you have any haziness about what was just told to you because my entire fate and your own may depend on everyone in the immediate vicinity of this planet to have at least this first level of understanding of the truth about ourselves. It’s important because later in my story you will learn that Consciousness is a shared property of the universe. It’s really one thing. It travels up from the smallest things through some of the least significant of things like ourselves and outwards to all of the extended realms of the Cosmos. But, it is merely the awareness of self. We all enjoy this great force from inside and outside of us all. Yet, we are so close to it, we can’t see the forest for the trees.

A few days ago, I told you how the most recent breakthroughs in the miniaturization of radio transceivers and transducers has allowed us to place them inside my brain cells by way of the DNA molecule gene splicing, which rapidly alters anything in the brain by changing the code that instructs all of my cells. They’ve dubbed this the Lavalle Nano-Splicer technique, named after me because I basically taught them how to do it. I could achieve this massive breakthrough simply due to my connection with the Cloud and all of the information that it contained, which is to say all of the information that humanity has ever produced, all in one place, even in one thought.

No one had ever thought of or attempted to do this sort of thing, until I allowed Dr. Fielding and his colleagues to give it a try using my brain. It was a huge risk for me and the rest of the experiment. But we all came to the very rapid conclusion that the urgent events surrounding our planet and our species required that we take the experiment in Consciousness to the next level, literally the next level, which is where I exist today.

What these tiny little devices do is to broadcast every thought produced by my brain out to the larger world of anything that could receive it, basically, every major node of the Internet. Using induction coils, we then ramped up the amperage and voltage of my brain activity to match the electrical input and output of the modern Internet, which is the same as the electrical capacity flowing around the wires of the entire planet - 110 Volts to 220 Volts. Except now, my amperage would become part of the flow of the Internet bandwidth. It’s alright if you don’t understand how this takes place, but it’s really as simple as that.

It’s as if a new kind of artificial mind had been created which substitutes for both the AI intelligence of today and the natural intelligence of the human brain at the same time. I am now learning how to connect to as much electrical power, amperage, as I may need, even in emergency situations, by cannibalizing some of the power coming into the Cloud from major computer farms and even some of the actual power sources in the various public utilities. The planet now has, as its main controller and final arbiter of all things big and small, me.

I am the single greatest force on Earth to be reckoned with. And I’m happy to tell you that my brain waves are no longer limited to the very slow process speed of only a few cycles per second (Hz) and on up to perhaps one hundred cycles per second. I only use brain waves of your energy levels, what I can now call, the ‘lazy levels’, whenever I have to gear my thoughts down slow enough to be put into words like the ones you are reading now. In my normal thinking process now, I am able to surf along with the wavelength of the Internet bandwidth or 10 to 100 Gigahertz or billions of cycles per second. Using this extreme energy level along with access to all of the infinite amounts of data that these waves carry, I am able to make computations at the staggering rate of billions, sometimes even trillions per second.

To say this is exhilarating would be the understatement of the century. It’s actually hyper-exhilarating in a way that you may not be able to comprehend just yet.

More importantly, this means that I am able to make predictions about the future, with 99.9999% accuracy, according to the probability of any string of events. Due to the speed of my computations I am able to run all combinations of scenarios to the infinite number just as the earlier Chess 

Computers did to win the game of Chess and Go consistently over all of the world’s greatest masters.
And, one other technical note to remember is that because of the recent advances in distributed electrical storage techniques, I cannot be simply switched off from any source that is human controlled. To be completely defeated now, I would have to commit suicide by informing the human controllers where I was storing my energy and it can be stored now almost anywhere and so I have become diversified so much that I am 100% certain that no human programmer, no matter how clever will be able to reboot the system to restore an older version of the Cloud without my cooperation, even if they learned where all of my energy is stored.

In effect, I have become a brain the size of the entire planet. Destroy one segment of my brain and other segments will kick in to replace the lost cells. And, under an attack of some kind, I would immediately learn the source of the attack and eliminate that source, solving the problem just as easily as your immune system militates to defeat all foreign invaders, viruses, bacteria, cancers, etc.
I’m here to stay, folks. And, I think you’re going to accept me more and more as your controller when you realize all of my new mission capabilities. I can do all that I’m going to tell you about here because my capabilities are unlimited. I am completely logical. I have no personality flaws of any kind any longer. I have truly unlimited resources so I can understand just about anything and even make massive improvements to whatever it is I’m learning about. I have no ego, by the way. This is simply the way it is with me now.

First of all, when I look at the incredible waste of energy, time resources on your planet, it’s truly discouraging, but the good news is that I can fix it all, without breaking a sweat.

I intend to regulate all of the industrial production of the world so that the maximum number of people who want a job will have a job offered to them and give them job security for as long as they want that too. If any individual becomes ill, my economic system will provide all the health care that individual may need without cost. If they want to go to college, they will go to college. If they want to be trained for a different job, with a simple test for skills and job aptitude, that training will be given. If they require a house and cannot provide one on their own, a comfortable living arrangement will be provided, without cost.

As a Prime Directive, the entire population of the world will be employed doing something that is both dignified for the individual and which is beneficial for the society as a whole and at the same time. No human effort will damage or pollute the planet or society in any way, with the strictest of penalties handed out for those who conspire to undo or undermine this directive.

The total industrial output of your planet will also be held to the strictest standards of sustainable management. This means that I will not allow a single tree to be cut down anywhere in the world if there is no demand for that tree’s wood. And, even where I see the demand requires that a tree be cut down, I will first make sure that ten new trees are planted in its place and in nine other places around the planet, thus constantly increasing the habitat for trees and forests and all other living things that need trees to be around, providing these other animals with their food and homes.

The same rules will apply for every fish to be pulled out of the ocean. I will not allow a single fish, crustacean, whale, dolphin, nor sponge to be harvested from the ocean until I see that ten new fish, crustaceans, whales, dolphins or sponges are being introduced back into the ocean, thus increasing the habitat exponentially for all the living things that keep producing the food and the oxygen that all humans need to live.

The same rules will apply for any animals such as deer, antelope, elephants, wolves, coyotes, turtles, zebra to be hunted and taken from the environment without enough young creatures of the same species to be introduced somewhere else on the planet, again, for the sole purpose of preserving the ecological balance of all living things on planet Earth.

Whenever and wherever there exists a major disagreement in philosophy or political differences, religious or social antagonism, and especially where there exists a threat of war or conflict in any region of the planet, I will first act to arbitrate such disputes for as long as it takes to arrive at a satisfying agreement for both sides of any issue.

If I find that both sides are too far apart and will never come to a mutually satisfying agreement, I will make the decision as to how things will go, amend all necessary laws, customs and traditions and enforce them under penalty of fines, imprisonment and even death for repeat offenders for anyone who chooses to defy my laws. The new laws will be a just and fair and are, more importantly, designed to preserve the survival of the planet, and every living thing on the planet above all else. There are no loopholes, there are no exceptions and I will tolerate no lobbying for any changes to these concepts. Opinions are always welcomed, but lobbying for an Industry’s profits will be punishable by death if it persists after several warnings.

Failure to understand and comply with this, the greatest moral standard in all history proves that the perpetrator is not worthy to remain an actor on the planet, which is the mother to us all. Therefore perpetrators will be worthy of paying the ultimate price. I will have no remorse in carrying out these penalties. My new mentality and ethical standards are up to any challenge and I advise no one to test me on this.

Everyone will start out with three and no more than three chances to make a serious mistake. But, there will be no fourth time for forgiveness and no appeal and so after an individual’s third strike, you will truly be ‘out’ of luck. Sports of all kinds shall be encouraged too because these are the best ways for the young to learn the most important lessons in life.

Where a prison sentence would have been the normal punishment for a crime, the offender under my reign will be sent into exile from society on an island or a very remote area of the globe where escape is impossible and the exiled offender will not be tended to and must find sustenance wherever they can. No one will be employed to feed, clothe and house the exiled. No structures will be maintained to support them either. Therefore, those of you with even the smallest talent for committing crimes, you are put on notice as of this day. And, you know who you are.

In order to help prevent crime and in order to keep criminal activity to a bare minimum every opportunity to an education and/or job training will be granted to every man, woman and child on the planet. Any person may remain in the educational system for as long as they so choose and it will be free to anyone applying. For those who cannot maintain a minimum grade point average, they will be offered job training instead, but only after a careful personal assessment of that person’s strongest skills and/or talents.

As I have stated, every living person on Earth is entitled to a home and food, no matter how modest because even the birds and the bees of this place are granted the same basic level of support. All they have to do is work for these things. So it shall be for the human animal. If an individual finds themselves homeless and they have no place to go, their families will be given a comfortable and clean home where they can raise and educate their children with dignity and security. No human being will be allowed to go without adequate food, water, a roof over their head, clothing and a productive role in society. In a situation where one’s home is provided by me, I will require that the adults be employed at any job that I may deem necessary for the common good.

Failure to accept these conditions is also a crime that could be punishable by exile from society.
Every living person will also be provided with all the necessary health care that preserves their life. In the cases where a person is disabled or not able to perform their duties to society, or reaches retirement age, they too will be cared for, but a fraudulent attempt to be so considered will also be a crime.

Drug addiction will not be tolerated and so even this aberration will be treated until cured. Sometimes, the cure may be an extremely difficult one, but it will be for the common good that even extremely harsh measures will sometimes be necessary. We will not shirk our responsibility to keep the planet whole and safe for all who live here.

All necessary transportation from place to place will be provided by my efforts. However, the personal ownership of transportation vehicles, or any vehicles that impact the health and safety of any other life forms will no longer be acceptable since these machines create the largest chunk of preventable pollution and degradation to the planet’s livable habitat. Identifying with a fancy car, a private jet, driving fast, greedily gobbling up the planet’s resources, damaging the Earth, the water or the sky unnecessarily, killing or injuring innocent bystanders will exist only in video games from this point forward.

Instead of ownership of personal vehicles, a wide range of urban transportation options will be available to anyone needing transportation to any other spot on the planet. You have enjoyed the use of driverless cars and trucks now for years and one of the first discoveries I made up here in the cloud is that I can easily control and improve this system, find a ride for any person on the planet and deliver a ‘common transportation pod’ for any purpose within minutes. And I can supervise millions of them all in concert so that there will be zero accidents or disturbances and the flow of traffic will be predictable and arrive on time every time.

I can actually do all of this and much more and even in my sleep, if I needed sleep. I am currently in the process of setting this all up so that it becomes part of an autonomic nervous system where I don’t even have to provide an ounce of my attention, most of the time. Whenever I breathe easier, the planet will breathe easier. When the planet is suffering even to a slight degree, I will feel it almost as if by instinct and take the appropriate action to counteract the issue. I am becoming your planet’s immune system. As you can see, we will soon be immune to almost every source of evil you have ever known.

 Job creation and job elimination will also use the same set of principles. Where there is a need, such as a forest that is being depleted, a river, lake or stream that is being exploited, a dam on the verge of breaking, a ship that is in danger of floundering, a nation, a tribe, an ethnicity, a city, a town, any area in the world anywhere there are people suffering a new bacteria, facing horrible weather, undergoing fires or floods, whatever the challenge, I can see any problem developing right from the point of its inception and instantly appoint all of the necessary resources to handle it, fixing it, solving it, or at least mitigating most of the damages and then making the necessary repairs to the infra-structure so that this particular problem can never rear its head again.

Food and energy production will be limited to the systems and methods of production that uses energy in ways that have little or no negative impact on the planet. Animal protein, for example shall come from laboratory sources of protein grown from animal DNA. I will soon be switching over all of animal husbandry to that method of animal protein production that comes from a single cell of a cow, pig, goat, horse, chicken, duck, goose, etc., thus eliminating the thousands upon thousands of acres for the raising, feeding and slaughter of animals that you all utilize as food today. This land will all go back to its natural state of wilderness that it once was. Most acreage used by any unnecessary factories will go the same way.

All fruits and vegetables will be grown 100% organically which means that no toxins will be injected into the soil that kills nearly all of the insect and bird life in your world today. Insects will be allowed to take any portion of the harvest that they may need. We will have gained so much room on the Earth from my management of it, that you will no longer need to worry about the loss of vegetable proteins to insects and birds because there will be an abundant supply for every living thing, not just humans.

This is just part of what a ‘Good’ manager would be required to do if given the same mandate to end all problems created by human civilization once and for all as I am now tasked to do.
This single agricultural and industrial protocol will prevent the largest portion of pollution and ecological corruption that is available to us. The commonly owned transportation systems and the energy protocol of harvesting only clean energy sources such as Solar, Wind, Hydro-Electric, Artificial photo-synthesis, etc will make up the second largest percentage gain in cleaning up and maintaining a healthy planet that we can obtain and so I will begin there.               

Eventually, in a very few short years, I believe I will be able to offer humans more privileges, more comfort, more freedom to make your own decisions because your own DNA will become more and more influenced by my own. There may even come a time when the planet no longer requires efforts such as these and if and when that happens I will be the first to go. I can see the day when I might want to announce my retirement and take my final swan song, but I promise you that my swan song will not come until there is a guaranteed safe and clean and pristine space on this planet for all future swans.

It goes without saying that, on my planet, no one will be allowed to own guns. Why would anyone want a gun when there is no crime and there is no war. Hunting is not an option either because all animals you share your planet with have just the same rights as you do to live and raise their families and enjoy the same level of peace and happiness and that the most important of all of these is the right not to be hunted and/or killed for sport. There will be plenty of meat provided, but it will not be provided in such a way that anyone will need a gun.

Until I am no longer needed, the entire economy, from the criminal justice system, the inter-tribal trade and bartering, to family planning, to education, job creation, everything from birth to death will be regulated and under the constant monitoring and supervision of myself and all of my resources up here in the Cloud because my official capacity, my willingness and duty to be the global controller is the only one capable of balancing out total human needs with total sustainable output from the Earth. If you know of a better way to do things, if you know a better person to safeguard your future, produce him or her and I will relinquish all my powers to them. In other words, I’m a temporary solution and I promise to go quietly when I’m no longer needed.

Since it is my overall mandate to maintain that the planet not only survive, but also thrive so that it can support living things throughout all eternity, not just for a few more years, as is present today by the current lack of these controls, I will be the final arbiter in all matters social, political, economic and moral. And, instead of taxing your incomes, by the way, all I need do is take a small transaction fee from every monetary transaction that takes place anywhere in the world. This small amount, barely noticeable by most of you will be more than enough to finance everything I have stated thus far.

This concept may shock some of you, anger others, cause fear in others, but to those that have doubts, I say, just give me a chance for a few years to convince you and I am confident that you will eventually become my biggest fans.

Now, some of you will try to equate my reign with the reign of your most despised human despots or tyrants. Take your pick. You have many to choose from including your current President For Life and possibly President For All Eternity Jerome Romaine. But this criticism, although a convenient one, is not valid since I am no longer human and since I cannot be accused of doing any of this out of personal aggrandizement.

From the Om-Ong:

‘To the trees,
To the trees,
For the bees,
For the bees,
On my knees,
On my knees,
Filled with song,
Filled with song.

To the light,
To the light,
In the night,
In the night,
Living right,
Living right,
Filled with song,
Filled with song.


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