Saturday, July 6, 2019

Take The Online Udemy Course - How to create Best-Selling Science Fiction Novels that could win the Nobel Prize

Take the Online Course - How To Win A Nobel Prize using Science Fiction

In other words you can have Major Scientific Breakthroughs even for Dummies - like me.  It's simply a matter of having the right thoughts.  Brain Waves are the key to the right thoughts.  Does that frighten you?  If so - this may not be the experience for you.

Everything in the universe and I mean absolutely EVERYTHING - including the Big Bang comes across the limitless distances of Space/Time in the form of waves.

Oddly enough your brain works in waves of energy as well.  Every one of your thoughts is produced by brain waves deep down within the folds of your cerebral cortex.  The flesh and blood of your brain - all regions from the autonomic responses to the highest inspirations of your life - are produced by sympathetic waves in your skull, some of which make their way to all other parts of the universe.

When your brain waves make music with another person's brain waves - this is what we call 'Love'.  On Excelon - it's just their way of life.

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