Thursday, June 27, 2019

Become a Jedi-Knight - Help Save Oceania

In Star Wars - Obi-Wan Kenobi tells Luke - "The Force is created BY all living things.  It surrounds everything and protects us all from evil."

NOW - did you pick up on the biggest error in this fantastic movie?  First of all, for 1977 when this movie came out- George didn't have a ton of information about The Force as we do now, so we have to forgive him  -  AND by the time we're doing the Disney versions of his story - someone at Disney has seen the problem and corrected him.

The Force can't be created by all living things because for the force that we create to surround the rest of the universe is of course improbable, if not impossible.  But, if there is really only ONE FORCE, then it is created by something and it would have to be FOR US.  Who else is there?

George could have put into Obi-Wan's mouth instead - "The Force is created FOR all living things.  It surrounds everything and protects us all from evil."

See how changing one word can make all the difference?  Well, if you truly want to learn about The Force - and there really is only ONE FORCE - Einstein suspected this but could not prove it up to the day he died.  This frustrated this great man greatly.

We PROVE Einstein's Unified Field Theory - as he called it - and we did it by inventing a new number that Einstein did not enjoy.  We do enjoy the new number and it makes all of Einstein's calculations about Space/Time - including the Unified Field Theory - PROVE OUT.

Because, as it turns out ZERO, invented about 2,500 years ago, was only intended as a PLACEHOLDER and originally looked like this . . .

< >

BUT it turns out that this PlaceHolder actually has TWO effects on the universe.  Zero can mean Absolute Zero, although we've never found or reached anything close to 'Absolute Zero' - complete nothingness, a place where nothing resides - OR it can mean an infinite Zero. Zero to Infinity is in fact, the opposite of Absolute Zero or INFINITE Space/Time and this is what Einstein missed.  But, when you re-examine his thought experiments, it will pop up in your mind now that you know it.

 Thus my new number:


Introducing:  Zero to the power of INFINITY

NOW - IF this has put your brain waves in HIGH GAMMA right now - You're doing something right.  - Don't waste the moment.

Be a Jedi Knight - Help Save Oceania!


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