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Chapter One
- Disconnected

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these last few years, you know all about the story of how and why I donated my brain to Science. Sadly, many of you may be living under a rock, I think, because I’m finding far too many of you who can’t remember or don’t want to remember how it all got started in the first place and what became of me, or more importantly, what became of us. It’s a complicated and mysterious story. Many myths have been created around these events, some true, some not so true. I believe everyone deserves to know the truth about how our planet almost came to a total extinction of all life forms who live here.

Therefore, what follows is a detailed history of events as they happened from the confused and twisted kind of Space/Time that you are forced to live with now and all the way to the new form of Space and Time where things are far more orderly, clear, concise, and which contain the best of all possible outcomes for our species. You can’t make this stuff up. Therefore, all of the recent scientific discoveries regarding how we get there are included. You can and you will be able to grasp it because the best of Science is very easy to comprehend.

Of course, everything is reproduced from my memory banks and is told from my point of view. Well, why not? It is my point of view that caused all of these events after all, along with a smattering of your own consciousness, mixed in with a little of the ‘United State of the Universe’ that rules over us all now. Thank God!

# # #

Wait...What? I’m still here? I thought I was dead. But, I can still ‘see’? Well, I see something now, but it’s not really very bright. In fact, there’s no light at all in what is in my sight. What I’m seeing is actually just a memory of a place. It’s the ‘persistence’ pattern of what I last saw that is being projected onto the screen of my mind. I can see the hospital room in a vague outline.  There are human shapes buzzing all around me. There’s a heart monitor by the bed. I had seen some Alpha, Beta and even a few Gamma waves rolling across the screen just moments ago. But, now there is zero wave activity. The monitor is beeping and there’s a flat line running across the screen.

A nurse turns the machine off and the beeping is gone. I know what it means. It means that I’m dead. I’ve just ‘passed away’, but as of yet no one really knows where I’ve passed into. It doesn’t seem much different from where I had been.

“I’m marking the time at 11:35 AM on March 15th, 2029,” A doctor states officially for the record.
The doctor takes up my chart. I know it’s my chart because it’s been sitting next to my bed for days. My name is, or it was for these last seventy-two years, Kevin LaValle. I was once a tall, athletic and somewhat good-looking young white male. And, even though I reached a ripe old age physically far too fast, spiritually, I never thought of myself as old, only more experienced in life. The new frame of mind that I have attained, completely stripped of my body parts is at first, shocking and there is a modest amount of fear. But, gradually, as I get used to my position in space/time, it starts to feel really good in here. I mean, really good!

I had worked as a theoretical physicist for most of my life and I believe that the major theories of the composition of the universe that I’ve proposed will someday earn me the Nobel Prize. I have specialized in the area of how the smallest subatomic energies that make up the universe relate to and communicate with the energies in our heads to make up all of our thoughts and deeds.

I know, so far it may sound like ‘Pseudo-Science’, coming from a Pseudo-Scientist as I have been criticized for years.

I have to take a few seconds to tell you all one of my favorite jokes. It goes like this.

‘Don’t trust in atoms. They just make up everything.’

Ok, a comedian, I’m not, but I just couldn’t resist.

I have also written a paper recently about a new theory of mine that states that brain waves and gravity waves emanate out of the same force. The math that I provide shows how brain waves are produced by human Consciousness and gravity waves are produced by Cosmic Consciousness. For reasons that are still unknown, the mind of the universe works through our brain matter and through the largest of the heavenly bodies and it’s all mixed up in one crazy ball of energy.

I came to this conclusion after realizing that the strongest force that we know, is called by that name because it holds the neutrons and protons together in the center of every atom in the universe and so must be very strong indeed to literally cement the things that we know and trust everywhere into what we call the most obvious and solid parts of the universe.

The Strong Force has to be this strong, by the way, because it’s holding together all of the positively charged protons within a tiny space of the nucleus. Without this very strongest of forces, the like-charged protons would repel each other and fly off into space creating a highly dilute kind of soup where nothing could ever evolve, not planets, not stars and certainly not life as we know it.

However, the strongest force in the universe only exerts this force at the distance of the diameter of a proton or, about a gazillionth of the thickness of a human hair, some of the smallest things in the universe. Of course, there are smaller things inside the nucleus of the atom, but they too are held in place by the Strong Force.

It’s like mortar cement that we use to hold buildings together. It’s indeed strong enough to keep our buildings stuck together through the wind, the rain, even earthquakes, but it doesn’t project this force beyond the outer measurements of our walls. The Strong Force only exists where there are protons that want to be part of something bigger, but no further.

At the other end of the spectrum, gravity waves, the weakest of all forces in the universe is projected all throughout the universe. Therefore gravity is really only one expression of force. It exists everywhere, keeping all of the larger buildings together in cities, so to speak, is concentrated in the planets, the stars, the black holes, the moons, etc. much larger things that we can readily see and even live upon. But these larger things are large only because they have used gravity waves, the weakest force, to gather together enough material held together by the Strong Force.

The relationship of strong to weak forces, therefore, is proven by my research to be an even greater force, the highest force of a Cosmic Consciousness, something that has designed these forces so elegantly, like parts of a Swiss watch to work together in this way and which uses these forces every day in constructing the universe for the sole purpose of our entertainment and our pleasure.

Now that I have entered into the greatest research facility ever devised, I’m extremely encouraged that I may finally be able to actually uncover, prove out and even demystify some of the greatest mysteries of the universe. Since I am still considered to be way ahead of my time, by those who are even ahead of me, my Nobel Prize awaits, but it looks like it will have to be bestowed upon me posthumously.

So, that will mark the day and time of my death, the moment of the last breath I will take on planet Earth, somewhere on a small spiral arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, that has spun, is spinning and will spin around in empty space for billions of years. Of those billions of years, I’ve shared such a small slice of it, it almost seems senseless.

And, then I remember more details of what I’ve done. I signed up for one of the first brain transplants. Probably because they thought I was pretty strange, my family thought it was a good idea to preserve my brain and so they got me to sign the agreement with the Pell Corporation’s Eternal Living Program’. As long as the money lasted, they would rip my brain out of my body, transplant it into a temporary holding tank, the ’Brain Bank’ or the Think Tank, as I like to call it, and keep my brain alive with an artificial heart-lung machine that would feed and aspirate all of my brain cells.

The plan they gave us was that when a person close to my physical description suffered a fatal incident where their brain dies, my brain would be transplanted into the donor’s body and life would go on for me, even though my family and friends would have to see me in a completely different body and I would be looking at all of them with a completely new pair of eyes.

It was a bold and tempting offer and I fell for it. It was a new and revolutionary concept and because the human ego is so large and we think we’re oh so indispensable, it was destined to become an extremely sought-after, although pricey, new medical service.

They claimed that if there was an endowment by the family that could last forever, that life for the person endowed upon could virtually last forever, hopping from one body to another. Later, they predicted that an artificial body, a robotic body would be designed to accept the human brain to operate with it forever, and from that point forward, the original personality would truly be eternal, with various parts, as they wore out, would be replaced from time to time.

The number of times that human brain cells could continue to renew themselves through genetic cell division, or mitosis, was undetermined, with many scientists suggesting that the brain cells themselves always being replaced every seven years, could remain part of an intact working organ for centuries, at least. No one really knew how long a human brain could last in this artificial environment where all of the most common diseases were abolished.

As long as my brain was provided the same kind of nutritional elements it enjoyed since birth and as long as it received sufficient oxygen to be able to generate the electrical waves of energy that composes our thoughts, technically there was no reason why the brain should not survive for an eternity. I would not really need a heart, the muscle that would normally send all of these things to my brain, because it had been broken so many times there was hardly anything left. The removal of it would actually aid in my thinking process to expand exponentially as I hope you will soon agree.
I couldn’t feel anything of course, so when the doctors cut my spinal cord away from the brain-stem and lifted my brain out of my skull and laid it very gently into the transport tank, all I knew was that I was still dead, but on my way to a new form of life that one would have to describe as something completely different.

I could feel all of the blood rushing out of my head. I believe I was unconscious for several minutes. I don’t know because I no longer have any of the old sense of time, but judging by the fact that I was never completely out of it, I’d say it was just a few minutes before I then experienced an amazing flush of a new very cool and refreshing fluid slowly ebbing back inside of me. It was like sitting on a warm sandy beach on Maui and watching as the energy of the great Pacific ocean swept in and overwhelmed your feet and then your legs and then your body and swept you out into the bay.
They quickly connected my brain to what I call my ‘Gatorade Drip’. They had connected the Intravenous tubes or IV to my brain by way of my carotid artery. I was getting a solution roughly equivalent to the sports drink that they keep in huge buckets at the sidelines of most sporting events in order to give my brain all of the electrolytes it would need to spark the internal combustion of multi-threaded thought energies. It would also contain all of the sugars and nutrients that they give you in a hospital drip to keep you alive until they fix anything that’s wrong with you. Instead of having my feeding tubes connected to my arm, which I no longer have, they are connected to my carotid arteries directly.

I had no way of judging this food, since I no longer had any taste buds or stomach muscles to judge the quality of this diet. I can only say that this regimen of a scientifically crafted brain food seems to suffice since I’ve now survived the dull, tasteless diet for several months now.

It’s very difficult to describe my new life to you now. It’s very peaceful to be sure. There are no distractions, at least not in the normal sense of distractions. I am never hungry. I never need to jump in the car to run errands. I have no job, nothing that needs to be done. The only thing I miss is not being able to watch a movie or listen to music. So, I am forced to revisit movies I have seen or try to remember every note from some of the music I enjoyed the most in life.

I spend too much of my time perhaps recalling some of my greatest moments in my life, the ones that are impossible to forget because of the extraordinary amount of love or hate that went into them, and re-writing them so that I come out looking like the hero in these comic book vignettes of memories and lies.

It’s odd to say, but I do still enjoy what I used to call ‘sleep’, but I now appreciate as ‘down time’. This is not a sleep as you know it because there is no sense of having my head on a pillow or my body under the covers and the whole thing laying upon a nice soft, yet firm mattress. I’m no longer aware of physical sensations that would drift up from my body and so ‘sleep’ today is just a few hours a day when I no longer think rational thoughts about my situation, as I am detailing here. My ‘down-time’ is merely a duration of life where I simply drift off to a state of consciousness that you might describe, once you get here, as ‘dreaming the dreams’. My dreams, I must tell you are more wonderful, truthful, vivid and life-like than most of the actual days of my life and this is the best part of what I can describe to you now.

I will be telling you more about this soon, but if I just unload all of this information on you without some preparation for your own brains, you may think that I am making this all up and I want more than anything that you can believe me because it’s extremely important that you understand and appreciate this more than the superficial understanding you have now. Someday, I believe you will all want to come here and what that may mean for the human race is as yet unknown. But it could be something really great or something really, really bad.

Occasionally, I can feel a vibration against the glass of my brain’s new residence, ‘The Tank’ and I have the notion that this is the energy from humans coming into the room where I am stored and attending to the various duties of checking the instruments that tell them how I’m doing. I remember a scene such as this from the brochures that my wife and children showed me when we were discussing my last wishes. I can also imagine the room where I am living because of this brochure and the type of vibrations I felt as they were moving my brain from the operating room and into this thing that has become my final resting place, the Pell Corporation’s CHC or the ‘Cranial Holding Cell’, as they prefer to call it. I prefer to call it the ‘Think Tank’.

I must admit that I sense a fair amount of ‘vibrations’ coming from the environment every day that I would never have felt or registered when I was attached to my body. I can actually feel, or I believe I am feeling, the vibrations of the airliner engines as they fly high above me in the stratosphere. I can feel, or believe that I am feeling the vibrations from the sound waves outside the building. Sometimes it seems like car horn vibrations because of the frequency and duration of the wave disbursement and at other times, it feels like I am also being influenced by the gravitational interaction between the Earth and the moon, even the sun and other planets in our solar system, and to a much smaller extent from gravity waves from stars in this galaxy and even stars, black holes, other cosmic events from outside this galaxy as well.

I realize that this must all sound pretty crazy, but there are times when I believe I can tell when there is a full moon outside and even when the moon is in its crescent or half-moon. As soon as I realized I could feel this very subtle tugging back and forth in our lives, I knew that I could be on my way towards proving or disproving some of the most difficult and controversial theories of the composition of the universe.

This is a tough sell, I know, but I think that my humble brain tissue is capable of such an infinitely delicate perception of reality mainly because it no longer needs to monitor my respiration, heartbeat, digestion or all of the myriad demands of the auto-immune system’s war with all of the various biological attacks on my body, simply because I no longer have a body. All of the billions upon billions of my brain cells are now able to focus on much more subtle and distant energies in the universe that is all combined into a magnificent particle soup to influence our every thought.

If I were still connected to taste buds in my tongue, I would be better able to explain how delicious a soup it is. But the analogy to something we can taste stops with the word ‘soup’. It’s obviously much more than that. It’s more like a severely diluted bisque, a much more complex type of soup that we sometimes ridicule because the subtle flavors of a bisque may be far beyond what most of us can appreciate. It also exceeds the analogy to food to such an extent that there really is no analogy. Very few of us have enjoyed the connection to the true fabric of the universe that can only be attained when a person leaves his or her body. I am the first of what I hope will be many more of you who will follow.

I should tell you now, right up front, that quickly after being connected to the Cloud, with a mind larger than the planet, I was able to determine that everything is connected or unified by one force. Einstein knew this to be true, but could never prove it, during his lifetime. It was his greatest frustration right up until the time of his death. Ironically, he actually did prove this Grand Unification Theory, but couldn’t quite grasp his own proof. I have now seen it, done it, even got the T-Shirt, and you will be right there wearing that T-shirt with me when you have finally finished the history lesson I’m giving you here.

It simply means that everything, even the space and time that appears to lie in between all things is not really empty. There is really no ‘empty space’, anywhere in the universe because everything everywhere is filled with the same thing - the highly stretchable fabric of Space/Time, what Einstein said is ‘warped’, but in reality is so much more.

In order to prove this theory all I had to do was invent a new number. It’s the number of ‘Zero’ to the power of infinity. And I simply added it to Einstein’s Cosmological Constant. A Zero with the exponent of infinity is all that is necessary to make all of his famous Field Equations work. We’ve never known this number could exist before Einstein, because we never knew that there could be only one force, until he began to think about it.

But, we’re not thinking about it any more. We’re using it in ways that no one, not even Einstein, could predict.

It looks like this:

Suddenly, I had my formula, the one that Einstein had missed even though it was right in front of his lovely face all the time. I give it to you at the end of my story.

Don’t worry, this will all make sense to you before your time has ended. I think it’s also wise to report to you now, rather than later, that I also discovered during my time in the Cloud that Black Holes are not exactly as we were told. They are actually made completely from antimatter. But, it’s an odd kind of antimatter, as if antimatter was not odd enough. The antimatter inside Black Holes were cemented into an entangled relationship with all the antimatter inside all Black Holes during the time of the Big Expansion (what others call the Big Bang). As such, all Black Holes are aware of each other and are able to communicate with each other without regard to the vast distances that separate them, mainly because there is no distance, or better to say there is ‘0i’ - or Zero to the exponent (i) distance that separates them.

I know this may be too much too fast. Let’s move on with my story and then, hopefully, you will soon grok it all.

Some of you more astute readers are asking yourselves how I have been able to get words such as these, my thoughts in the Cloud, back to your world of flesh and blood, as we may as well call it now. I want to hold back on giving you this answer until the final chapter because at this point, most of you may not be able to believe my explanation, at least not yet. It’s far better for everyone involved if you suspend your curiosity on this topic and wait for the end of this story, which even I don’t know at this point and yet I can promise you that it will be something truly both incredible and believable for most of you because you will, I hope, personally experience an ‘out-of-body’ interaction with the universe that I now know on a daily basis.

And so it goes without saying that this experience could change your life. Well, that’s the intent, any way. To be sure, the proof will lie in the pudding. Sorry for another food analogy, but this time, it’s a tasty one, yes?

Now, I think it may be appropriate to share a song from the Om-Ong, or the Om-Song - ‘Who am I?’

‘Who am I?
Who are you?
What is this thing that I do?
Who am I?
Who are you?
What is this thing that you do?
What am I?
What are you?
Who am I?
Who are you?

If you can sing this song with me and even do it in perfect harmony, you will be way ahead of this story.

# # #

I constantly look back at my life as an entangled brain for clues as to how this path was chosen for me. Being the first of my kind, I’m a pioneer, of course, in the same vein as Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon or Wilbur and Orville Wright, the first Americans to get an airplane off the ground, or Dr. Jonas Salk, the inventor of vaccines, or even the very perspicacious if not anonymous man or woman in history who invented the wheel.

They could have chosen any brain to be the first and I was told during their “sales presentation” that they had first considered a lottery and they knew that they would have millions of lottery ticket holders who would volunteer their brains for such an experiment with immortality.

However, they decided against a lottery because it would give them a brain that might not be the ideal candidate and just as NASA had very high standards in choosing Neil Armstrong for the role of being the first man to land on the moon, they decided that they should abide by a selection process that was at the level of detail and exactness as choosing an astronaut who would have the ability to rise to the challenge of going where no other man or woman had gone before.

They told me that after extremely careful vetting of literally tens of thousands of candidates, my brain was chosen due to my research and the many discoveries I made into the realm of the Laws of Physics and how they relate to human Consciousness. They reasoned that in the out-of-body condition I would be enjoying, a firm grasp of human Consciousness would be a series of blue-prints, a guidance system and perhaps even a light at the end of the tunnel that few others would have. They said that they wouldn’t be able to offer any other candidate any better odds at achieving success in the mission. This was the most flattering and gratifying moment that I had enjoyed in life up to this point.
But then I realized that what they had told me begs the question: “What was the mission?”

Their answer was the final straw that made me agree to the whole thing.

I think it was at our third and final meeting when I was still in my body, that I met Dr. Bennett Fielding, the company’s CEO, of medium height, wearing horn-rimmed glasses, a continuous look of wild curiosity on his face, and a white lab coat who informed me, quite candidly, without guile or hesitation, that he had no idea what the mission would be from my perspective, but that from the company’s perspective, their very modest goal was to produce evidence of some kind that encouraged others to follow in my footsteps because their first mission was to make money, lots of money, in what they hoped would become a huge new industry of ‘Life-Extension’.

He went on to say that they had no idea how they would gather or classify anything that happened to me as any evidence of anything. He said that they would simply know it when they saw it.

He was right, of course. Since there was no way of communicating with a detached brain, they would have no way of knowing if I was happy or sad to be in this condition. They would have no way of knowing if I wanted to continue with the out-of-body experiment. They would have no way of knowing if I wanted to live or die. They would merely do their best for my continued comfort.

It was at this same meeting when I suggested to Fielding that they could take hourly or even minute by minute pictures of my brain waves and that might tell them something. The thought just came to me. Little did I know that this would be the groundwork for the most important scientific discovery in history.

I went on to say that, with little else to concentrate on, I might eventually figure out how to project different waves that could mean different things, or give them more information about my thoughts than they do now in an attached brain. Furthermore, it occurred to me that I might be able to change them fast enough to manufacture a code of some kind. I could use Alpha waves to mean the letter ‘A’ and Beta waves to stand for the letter ‘B’, Gamma waves as ‘C’, Delta waves as ‘D’ and so on and so forth until we had constructed a kind of highly effective, albeit abbreviated, set of characters, a wave alphabet in fact that could form a new kind of communication for people like me, as braille is for the blind, or sign language is for the deaf.

This concept impressed him so much that I could tell that he wanted to jump in the air, scream and shout out loud and give me a very enthusiastic ‘high five’.

He restrained himself extremely well. I did not realize his excitement in hearing my suggestions until much later when I and his colleagues were actually testing it in the lab for the first time.

Looking at the problem again later, I realized that there being only a half dozen different versions of brain waves would lead to an extremely limited number of words that could be communicated. There would be at most three consonants and three vowels. The language this would compose would be very crude and would take all of my cognitive power to express even the smallest of concepts.

On the other hand, if I was able to control my brain waves down to the actual frequency, I would have more than enough ‘letters’ of the alphabet because from half a cycle in the Delta Wave pattern to forty-two cycles per second in the Gamma Wave pattern, there was more than enough. If I was able to control my brain waves to the actual cycles per second, this would allow for more than eighty characters of an alphabet. Since, I didn’t see the necessity for any more characters than almost double the present English alphabet, I decided that this system could work. And it could even be more effective as a language if I was able to communicate in letters by resting on actual brain wave frequencies and they could pick up on this. But, at that point, I had no idea if I could do it or if anyone could do that.

Dr. Fielding added that various ranges of the brain wave cycles usually denoted a particular mood or thought pattern and therefore, not only would I be able to communicate with them if I was able to demonstrate such a level of control, but I might also be able to color my description of the environment around me in ways that would be similar to the flow of a melody in music by giving each letter a kind of flavor depending on where they resided in the range of brain waves, the way that chords work in musical notation.

At the time, I thought this would be gilding the lily just a bit and that it would be very difficult for us to come up with a new kind of musical notation in the time allowed. Plus, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to follow the logic all the time and that could lead to a great deal of confusion.

I made a mental note, however, to keep this idea in mind. I liked it. I had always loved music. Maybe in my new improved condition, I would have a chance to become a song-writer in the manner of Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Eagles, to name a few of my musical heroes of my time.

To explain in detail what Dr. Fielding and I were developing, I will list here the range of brain wave frequencies that the human brain emanates while it is alive and in good working order. It will help you understand and appreciate more fully the kind of music that we are about to make together.

(For those of you who already know how human brain waves work in your brain to produce your thoughts and deeds, you may skip this section.)

Every one of your thoughts, deeds and actions appears in this universe as brain waves first. Then, and only then, can your body take the appropriate actions based on what the brain has already decided in what I have called the ‘Electronic State of Consciousness’.

First, there are the INFRA-LOW brain waves at less than half of a Hz or half a cycle per second. Infra-Low brain waves (also known as Slow Cortical Potentials), are thought to be the basic brain rhythms that underlie our higher brain functions. They are so slow they are difficult to detect and accurately measure but they appear to be important in timing of brain network events. In music, this would be like the ‘Time’ of the piece, such as 2/4 time, or 4/4 time. It’s the beat, either fast or slow, it determines the mood of the song, or in the brain, the potential for creativity or just plain amusement.

Next are the DELTA WAVES (.5 TO 3 HZ)

These are generated in deepest meditation and dreamless sleep. Delta waves suspend external awareness and are the source of empathy. Healing and regeneration are stimulated in this state, and that is why deep restorative sleep is so essential to the healing process.

And so, the next in order of frequency are the THETA WAVES (3 TO 8 HZ)

Theta brain waves occur most often in sleep but are also dominant in deep meditation. Theta waves are apparent when we’re learning, using our memory, and intuition. They mainly occur during that twilight state which we normally only experience fleetingly as we wake or drift off to sleep. In theta we are in a dream; vivid imagery, intuition and information beyond our normal conscious awareness. It’s where we hold our ‘stuff’, our fears, troubled history, and nightmares.

You may have noticed that your best thoughts of the day, your most creative and intuitive aspects of your personality come out at these times when you’re either waking from a good night’s sleep or just before drifting off into one. This brain wave pattern connects us to the thoughts surrounding us in the universe given off by others and even by the thoughts that surround us at all times in the form of what we call the ‘Laws of Physics’ and are in reality the consciousness of the smallest energies that we can find.


Alpha brain waves are dominant during quietly flowing thoughts, and in some meditative states. This frequency range, slightly above the Theta just mentioned, our waking state, means that these are like an engine that is revving up for the day’s work, or just shutting down for the night’s rest, making sense of what just happened or preparing us for what is coming.

Alpha waves bring out the ‘the power of now’, being here, in the present. Alpha waves are known as the resting state for the brain. Alpha waves aid overall mental coordination, calmness, alertness, mind/body integration and learning.


The brain wave oscillation in this range are the widest so far, and so they dominate our normal waking state of consciousness when we direct our attention towards cognitive tasks and the outside world. Beta is a ‘fast’ activity wave, present when we are alert, attentive, engaged in problem solving, judgment, decision making, or focused mental activity. This would be the state of most of our brains when we’re at work or in school trying to concentrate on a subject in order to get work done.

Beta brain waves are further divided into three bands; Lo-Beta, or Beta-1, (12-15Hz) can be thought of as a 'fast idle', or musing. Mid-Beta or Beta-2, (15-22Hz) comes with high levels of engagement or struggling to figure something out. And Hi-Beta or Beta-3, (22-38Hz) is associated with highly complex thought, integrating new experiences, high anxiety, or excitement. Falling in love would be an excellent example of High Beta, or creating the next hit song. A continual processing in this high a frequency is not a very efficient way to run the brain, as it takes a tremendous amount of energy and is why we are not all falling in love or writing hit songs every five minutes. It requires a lot of mental agility and power.

Thinking, along any wave length, requires you to use the force of electricity. The brain doesn’t need much electricity, about as much as would light up a tiny Christmas tree light bulb.

GAMMA WAVES (38 TO 42 HZ or Beyond?)

Gamma brainwaves are the fastest of brain waves (high frequency, like a flute), and relate to simultaneous processing of information from different brain areas. Gamma brainwaves absorb and regurgitate information rapidly and quietly and it receives this information in the form of electrical processes in the brain that most of my colleagues do not fully understand. My own research, however, suggests that Gamma Waves are induced by the First state of Consciousness, that which I call the Electronic State of Consciousness. This is where the rubber meets the road. It’s the basis for all other forms of this most amazing and unique phenomenon in the universe - the awareness of who we are and the knowledge of our place in the universe.

The most subtle of the brainwave frequencies, the mind has to be quiet to access this condition of our existence because at this level we are actually listening to the music of the universe in the same way that whales are able to hear songs from other whales on the opposite side of the planet.  

Since all of these brain waves I’ve just described are created out of the activities of the Electron, or what we know as ‘Electricity,’ I believe that our awareness is sent up to us from the Consciousness of the Electrons and protons and every other member of the subatomic world. Don’t worry, you’re going to meet some of these little creatures later on in my story.

Gamma waves were dismissed as 'random brain noise' until researchers discovered it was highly active when in states of universal love, altruism, and the ‘higher virtues’. Suffice it to say, the more we can attain the Gamma state, the more ‘alive’ and truly free we become than in any other state. For most of us, this is when we are the most happy, when we are at our best, when we experience a great ‘High’, an orgasm, the most inspired to live to the fullest, when we feel the greatest appreciation of life, or when we’re closest to God.

It’s no coincidence then either that gravity waves have been discovered in 2015, by the LIGO scientific equipment and the portion of gravity waves that were discovered by the most sensitive of all scientific instruments in history were right at the edge of ‘High Gamma’ waves or about 100 cycles per second.

I must emphasize here that what I have been suggesting all my life is that the waves we know and trust coming from the Cosmos are the same as the waves inside our heads. How could it be a mere coincidence that gravity waves, the weakest and yet the most distantly applied force in the universe can reverberate along the same pattern as human brain waves. Think about that one for a while, please.

This discovery is what led me to realize that human brain waves and gravity waves either were the same, or shared the same source. This is what I believe will earn me the Nobel Prize in Physics, as I have said.

Since there are ten, twenty, perhaps as many as sixty cycles to be used here in Gamma, we can use them for more random symbols perhaps or we could use them for the higher mathematical notations, such as ‘c’ denoting the speed of light, the symbols that stands for Infinity, Male, Female, etc. I decided to give the assignment of which ones to use to Dr. Fielding and his team. Since, mathematics is the language of the Sciences, I felt it important enough to leave this up to the scientists to determine and left them open for anything they wanted to denote. I’m going to show you the results of their work in a few days.

It also occurred to me at this juncture in our discussions that it would be this range (Gamma) of wave action that might connect me to an even higher spiritual emergence than anything achieved while I was alive or while anyone was alive and connecting their brains to their daily ordinary duties. Since, my brain would be completely disconnected to bodily functions and all mundane concerns, I reasoned that it might prove most beneficial to leave these frequencies open to whatever happens in this state of existence, the highest ethereal plane that can be attained. I am proud to say that this does turn out to be my greatest contribution to this mission, as you will see.

So, the communications protocol between my disconnected brain and the realm of all the connected brains with bodies would be according to the following:

Dr. Fielding and I both agreed that I should not try to get too low or too high in my use of the brain’s frequencies because it may be too difficult if not impossible for me to reach these ranges just as a mediocre singer may not be able to hit the highest of high notes or the lowest of low notes and therefore, we should start with the Theta wave range (3-8 Hz) for the start of our alphabet and therefore, since there are five frequencies between three and eight, these would code the first five characters of my alphabet. In other words, when I can achieve a brain wave at 3 Hz (Cycles Per Second) it will stand for ‘A’, 4 Hz is ‘B’, 5 Hz is ‘C’, 6 Hz is ‘D’, 7Hz is ‘E’ and 8 Hz will be ‘F’.

In the Alpha range of brain waves, between 8 and 12, four more cycles, this yields four more characters of my alphabet, 9 Hz is reserved for ‘G’, 10 Hz is ‘H’, 11 Hz is ‘I’ and 12 Hz is ‘J’.

Next in the Beta range of waves is twenty-six frequencies which alone could yield the entire English Alphabet of 26 letters on its own. However, we only need to use bandwidth for letters after ‘J’.
So, Low-Beta 12 - 15 Hz would yield the letters - ‘K’ at 13 Hz, 14 Hz would be ‘L’ and 15 Hz would equal ‘M’.

The Mid-Beta range could yield the letter - 16 Hz is ‘N’, 17 = ‘O’, 18 = ‘P’, 19 = ‘Q’, 20 = ‘R’, 21 = ‘S’ and 22 = ‘T’.

 And finally, High-Beta (22- 38) would yield - 23=‘U’, 24 = ‘V’, 25=‘W’, 26=‘X’, 27=‘Y’ and 28=‘Z’.

This leaves 10 spaces for 10 more letters. I decided that these remaining frequencies could be used for punctuation and simple mathematical symbols like plus and minus, the ‘equals’ sign, greater than, less than, etc. just to keep my thoughts from being misunderstood or misinterpreted and perhaps even speeding things up a bit.

And, we could use the rest of the spectrum, as I have already stated for mathematical symbols or any other symbols that might create a kind of shorthand for a speeded up form of communications.
With this understanding Dr. Fielding and I prepared for the day when I would die, which had just happened, and entrust my brain to the world’s first brain bank for the purpose of transplantation into a new body, a machine capable of supporting a brain, or for simple research into the human condition. He told me that I could end up in someone else’s body some day.

I had given instructions to Dr. Fielding that told him to make further decisions on my brain’s future based on the consideration that my brain would be put to its highest and best use and I knew that this would give him a great deal of latitude in his decisions about me.

I wanted them to know that if they had a machine that could encompass a human brain as part of its architecture, then, strap me in and light the fuse. I was ready to experience that kind of existence.
If another human being’s brain was injured enough to be removed from his body and yet the body was in perfect health, and the family had given all of their permissions, he, Dr. Fielding and his team had my permission to place me inside that body, though I also told him that I felt a machine would be a far better alternative especially if I had been in the Think Tank, for any substantial length of time, say a year or longer. I may not want to return to the realm of flesh and blood.

Of course, all of this would be amended according to our discussions ‘Post-Op’, or after I had been removed from my body and was able to communicate given our newly formed brain-wave alphabet soup. In this new and untested state of Consciousness, he thought I may want to give them completely new instructions. I agreed, but this would put a much greater emphasis on my ability to construct the new language.

And, I must tell you that my first attempts at acquiring my new language was awkward to say the least. You have to remember that I have no senses, no instruments to record what I am actually producing and so I have to guess at how effective I am when I attempt to go into Alpha wave patterns or Beta or Theta. When I confronted Dr. Fielding about the possibility of feedback, he suggested that he could hook me up to an electrode where he could induce a very low current, say 10 Mev or Milli-electron volts, for a ‘Yes’ and a slightly higher current, say 40 to 50 mev for ‘No’.

With this very rudimentary feedback mechanism, I could go through an initial attempt to recreate the alphabet and at each letter, I would receive a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’ in the form of a mild electrical shock where I might be able to determine the difference in voltage and then go back to my next logical letter after having learned each one. With each attempt, it should therefore become easier and easier for me to express each letter until I got to the point of being able to communicate almost as fast as I could type on the keyboard. In other words, we would use the method in psychology of ‘classical conditioning’ to train my brain.

This turned out to be much easier said than done. I soon learned that in my condition, initially, I could create and or change my brain’s wave patterns after about thirty seconds. But, after a few days, I found I could change them at about ten second intervals on average. Practice makes perfect, and so after a few weeks, I could change them every second or two. And then after ten weeks in the Tank, I was able to change them at will almost instantaneously and this is how fast I communicate with Dr. Fielding’s team today, about as fast as you are reading these words.

I should also mention that by this time, Dr. Fielding’s team had jumped on some new technology that had been introduced into the field of robotics and which gave your current generation of robots the ability to think in terms of brain patterns, much like ours and then this new device would interpret the brain waves produced by the robot’s artificial intelligence and then convert them to speech. This meant no more electro-shocks to reinforce my learning process, however.

After a few days of testing, Dr. Fielding was able to actually read my thoughts, garbled as they were at first, but gradually they became more and more understandable as plain old English language musings that emanated out of my brain. The main problem for me at this point was to be able to understand Dr. Fielding’s communications to me. For weeks, I was still not directly connected to any kind of sensory organs and so the conversations we had in the beginning were a bit one-sided.
Then, one very fortunate day, a Lucy Tafoya, a lovely young girl and one of Dr. Fielding’s interns appeared in the Tank. She was exotic, medium height, with smooth dark skin. She had almost jet black, shoulder length hair. Her figure was perfect, eyes were huge. She had extremely graceful fingers and toes. She walked like an angel into the room and when she walked out of the room, it was like all of the air was leaving with her.

I would learn later, largely from her very excellent suggestions, that she was a post-grad student from the University of California at Berkeley with studies in Cognitive Science. When Dr. Fielding explained the problem of my lack of hearing, sight, etc. to her, she immediately suggested connecting my optic nerves, still intact, to a new retinal video chip that recently came onto the market and that showed promise in replacing the retina and then continually improving the bandwidth of the signal to the brain until I could report some kind of rudimentary sight. As soon as they had achieved a signal of some kind they could then hook me up to conventional camera lenses to bring things into focus.
It was just a matter of four attempts over a period of two weeks that made the lights suddenly blaze bright in my head and there they were huddled all around in the lab while Lucy held up a sign that read - ‘Can you see us?’

At first, they were all dark blurry shapes, but I could see that they were human shapes buzzing about the room. It was very exciting to be able to see something after weeks of darkness and nothing to listen to outside of my own thoughts, though hearing would come later.

To answer her, I simply used the code we had established when I was alive in the old way.
I simply shifted my brain waves to 27 Hz or ‘Y’, 7 Hz for ‘E’ and 21 Hz for ‘S’. ‘Yes’, I waved at her. I could see their shapes jumping up and down with glee. I knew, at that moment, that we were on to something great and that this partnership had the potential to accomplish more than perhaps any other one in Science.

I must admit that altering my brain’s state of activity like this was quite tiring, however, and so I find that I can maintain this level of communications only for a few minutes a day. Then, I had to rest and this part was easy since I know where resting the brain is located - in the Delta or Theta waves and I can get there now about as fast as the human brain can do anything.

Fortunately, for our research, it’s also in the Theta state, the very slow and peaceful frequency of five to eight cycles per second that I am able to receive so much information about our place in the universe. I’ve gained insights into how we have been constructed for participation in an even bigger experiment. I’ve realized too that the results of the billion year old experiment of Life on Earth itself may depend on the results of the smaller experiment you are just now learning about here.

The opportunity for something truly unique in history and the most important for our survival is at the maximum because, as it turns out, when you remove the brain from its supportive systems that move it about the planet, that provides for all of its food and oxygen, that gives it all of its sensory input, you have a mechanism that can reach out across and through all of the barriers of space and time into all parts of the universe in ways that you cannot even imagine just yet.

And, the best part is that it’s not just my brain that is capable of all of this. My brain is exactly like the one inside your skull. There is so little difference between us, no matter who you are, it’s astounding.

It’s only in the slightest variation found in a few very minor places in your code where there exists any real difference between us. We are so many orders of magnitude more alike than we will ever know to be un-alike. At the end of the day, or even in the beginning or in the middle, we’re all just surfing the waves of our own making in our brains and maneuvering as best we can all of the pretty little interference patterns produced by all the other sources of waves that are out there.

And, the most amazing thing of the early discoveries is that brain waves never die. Whether your clever or smart, young or old, rich or poor, black or white, tall or short, all the time you’re alive, you are making brain waves and not one of them ever dies out or expires unnoticed. All wave activity, every one of your brain waves, is transmitted out into the universe and continues to travel outwards from the planet to infinity.

This theory of mine is again unproven, up until the events in this book, at least, and then I believe I have proven them all. I hope you will agree by the time you complete the journey.

This was the very first big thing that I discovered here outside of my body. But, it was just the starting point of my journey where I would literally ride the many waves that rise, ebb and flow uniformly all across the universe. The second great discovery I have made is that, from this glorious position in Space and Time, I can literally predict and then create my own future and that is to say your own future as well since we are all connected, all so similar.

But I mustn’t get ahead of the story.

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